How does it work?

Betty is a friendly lass and likes to help wherever she can; she is the hostess with the mostest, guaranteeing a groovy time for all her guests! All she asks is that you grab your friends, grab some cool props and grab a seat! Once inside Betty’s welcoming embrace, let your hair down, strike a pose and press the button. Betty will then do the rest, capturing every dynamic pose you can muster. After four successive snaps, a high quality strip of your four different poses will be printed out for you and your friends to cherish forever.

Our kombi booth is designed to be welcoming comfortable and extremely fun for all your guests. In fact so sure are we of its pure coziness that we are generally worried we won’t be able to get people out if it! Once you sit inside your lovely faces will appear on the screen so you know exactly how your masterful pose will come out. It’s like taking a professional selfie without…er you needing to take a selfie!

Giant Games:


The Kombi is fun, really fun no doubt! but why stop there? So we also have a selection of steroid popping games…I mean really really big versions of games, not actually steroid because…well you know what i mean. While you are waiting your turn at the kombi booth or just waiting for friends to stop hogging it for themselves you can challenge someone to one of our fun giant games. Check em out!

Professional Quality:

 Shadowcast Images

Shadowcast Images

Here at Perth Kombi Booth, we like to keep things professional. We are also two professional photographers who provide quality service to all our customers. We are experienced in shooting a lot of things...with a camera! And really rather good! Don’t just take our word for it; check out the testimonials and galleries on our website

All in all, we know a thing or two about quality photographs and we have ensured that our beloved Betty, the Perth Kombi Booth, is kitted out with professional grade equipment. From the DSLR cameras to the studio quality flash heads and the dye-sub printer we can guarantee superiority all the way!


Props to you for bringing a great smile, but props to Betty for providing a great selection of…you guessed it…Props! Betty just loves to see her guests dressed up to the nines with her geeky glasses, hideous hats and mammoth moustaches to name but a few. There is truly something for everyone, from the more conservative of you to the one who has no shame - there is always one in the crowd, after all!

Is my venue suitable?

Although Betty would never admit it, she is indeed a vehicle and there is a limit to where she can park. Essentially, we can park her up anywhere that can accommodate a van sized vehicle. Betty will need access to power or we can use a generator, as despite being a 70’s child, she needs more than psychedelic mojo to run her innards. Many function centres, wineries and outdoor venues are generally suitable. Unfortunately, some places like the revolving restaurant are out unless jet packs are invented anytime soon. If you are unsure your venue can accommodate then please contact us and we will be able to find out for you.